Ethnic Couture

fotografie / Ausstellung

1st Edition | Exhibition 23.09–30.09.2016 in Câmpina

Hyperborean Folklore is created to enhance the beauty of the Dacian’s folklore and traditions in ancient time and their continuity until nowadays thanks to people with a great heart and more love for crafts and for bringing to light or better say for keeping to light forget messages left on the Dacian land with the time passing.

This is not about a fashion woman! This is the purity of heart belonging to the beauty within every woman and here it is the reason we propose it and present it to you.

The modern fashion worldwide is reviving messages from the past for the poetry of the future. Hyperborean Folklore is embracing the trends for unveiling the Carpathian’s history and most of all for styling old crafts in a modern couture way.

The sustainability of the fashion world can get improved by this kind of project and nevertheless the modernity within the boundary of traditions might help to distinguish and appreciate each part of the world for what it really is (and not for what it becomes in the “times of glory”).

The quality of craftsmanship and also the cure for conserving very well such peaces of art like the traditional clothes presented here is telling a long and true story about these people, about the women who worked on it with passion and with the desire to drop a piece of lesson for the next to come.

Working on this project implies traveling around the country and getting to know directly the wonderful people who created these fashion clothes, the collectors or the keepers, people who share with us the stories of almost each piece.

Hyperborean Folklore is the concept dedicated to the Dacian’s tradition and life style created and produced by IFashionFactor Creative Platform. Iraida Flores as fashion director and stylist of the platform ideates the concept and invite Ana Druga, her collaborator and partner to be part of the project and to represent it together around the world, due the fact that both of them Romanians and origins, are developing their artistic & fashion business between Berlin, Dubai and Shanghai.

Poem dedicated to the HYPERBOREEAN FOLKLORE project by Iraida Florea

The prayers are last for us to come.
And I do pray through Dacian’s spirits.
Foremost this small enclave of people do not forget the roots of glory!
Feel peace in heart for peace to come.
Feel light surrounding my above.
Dress up the cloth of common people.
Sophisticate the port.. and style yourself to bring the light!
The church they build for other reasons.
But I believe like always done in majesty of the LOVE story.

I rule empires of hyperborean’s with my heart.
For I believe since in the mystic beauty.
I try to hide and run…
I do escape from my castle’s rocks to sing the new people Traditions, I feel in the wind makes me fly.
And smell of vast fields fly me back in the culture.

Time is passing by like a lazy walker.
When involved into daily life.
I must learn to live, I must learn to craft or to tend the bees or to feed the cows Never less than stylish, never less than proud.
Spreading this to people only from the heart.

I listen to the voice of crowd.
I feel the voices from my heart.
I simply share with you the story.
Of the great land with ancient crafts and love for life!

Created & produced by:

Photography: Ana Druga
Fashion Director & Stylist: Iraida Florea
MakeUp & Hair: Iraida Florea
Retouch: Wei Jun
Model: Amalia Stoenescu
Text Editing: Iraida Florea