HYPERBOREAN FOLKLORE – Exhibition | Bukarest Romania 05/08/2017

HYPERBOREAN FOLKLORE depicts through image and poetry the ancient fashion art crafts discovered on the territory of Dacia, actual Romania and their timeless stories. The main thread of this concept is based on the mythological tales and history of the Dacia’s ancestors – the hyperborean’s – spiritual people whom were living in a beautiful geography, having spiritual endeavors, living the eternal life, being protected by ancestral Gods.

HYPERBOREAN FOLKLORE is the tribute to those who supposedly are the Romanians roots and the inheritance they left over, here in terms of style and beauty and its relation with the divine. Most of the ancient history writings describes the Dacia’s people as good looking ones, wearing beautiful clothes and pure gold accessories with an ancestral symbolism encrypted on, inspired by their henotheist belief. The main stream of the Zamolxian’s wisdom says: “You cannot cure the body without curing the soul.”.

Year 2017 brings the artists Ana Druga, Pierre Vauvillier and Iraida Florea the 2nd successful exhibition held in Bucharest at Sf. Miron & Nicolae Church 5th August. The vernissage embodied more traditional spiritual shape under the cure of the orthodox priests who offered the traditional Romanian treat: home made bread and the clay cup with wine for the joy of the guests. The participation of the traditional costume collectors at the exhibition dressed up in their costumes gave the event an archaic nuance in a very modern time. Romanian traditional music enchanted on the background.

Creative Director: Iraida Florea Photographers:
Ana Druga, Pierre Vauvillier, Iraida Florea
Retouchers: Pierre Vauvillier, Wei Jun, Ana Druga
Videographer: Razvan Leuce, MONOLIT Studio Video
Editor: Pierre Vauvillier Event
Photographer: Petru Popescu, MONOLIT Studio Make-Up
Artists: Anca Maria Sachelia, Larisa Corcodel
Hair Stylist: Larisa Corcodel
Models: Amalia Stoenescu, Yeri Han, Andreia Sachelia Moga, Anamaria Ungureanu, Iraida Florea
Romanian Ethnic Costume Collection: HAINA DE SĂRBATOARE